Why does GitBook not have the permissions to access a repository?

If some of your books are linked to GitHub repositories, you might encounter an error telling you GitBook does not have the permissions to access every or a specific repository.

In this case, you either did not grant access to this repository to our GitHub integration or linked a book on your personal account with a GitHub repository belonging to an organization.

Configure GitBook repository access

If you encounter a Repository access error on your GitHub settings page, you will be prompted with an alert which includes a Configure link.

Clicking on it will lead you to your GitHub integration settings page were you see the list of repositories that you granted GitBook access to.

If you did not select All repositories and don't see the repository that one of your books is linked to, you can easily add it to the list of your accessible repositories.

GitHub organizations' repositories

It used to be possible to link a GitHub repository belonging to a GitHub organization to one of your user account's book.

GitBook now uses the new GitHub integrations system to manage the sync between your books and external repositories. While this simplifies many aspects in integrating GitHub with GitBook, the only drawback is that your organizations' repositories are not accessible using your user account anymore.

If you find yourself in this case, follow the 3 following steps:

  1. ​Sync it with the GitHub organization that owns the repository(ies)

  2. ​Transfer the ownership of your concerned book(s) to this organization