Can I host my content on GitHub?

GitBook integrates perfectly with GitHub as a hosting solution for the source of your book. When configured correctly, this has several effects:

  • All updates made to your book from the Editor will also update the GitHub repository.

  • All updates made to your GitBook or GitHub repository will be reflected on the other and update your published book accordingly.

Integrating with GitHub is done in 3 steps:

  1. Setting up our GitHub Integration​

  2. ​Granting access to your repositories

  3. Linking a book to a GitHub repository

1. Setting up our GitHub Integration

First, you need to install our GitHub integration on the account of the owner of the book(s) you want to be hosted on GitHub.

  • If the owner of the book is an organization, log in with a GitBook account with admin permissions for that organization. Go to the GitHub section of the organization's settings page. From here, use the dropdown button to select the GitHub organization you want to sync your GitBook organization with and click on the

    Install GitHub integration


and click on the

Install GitHub integration


You should have arrived on the GitHub integration's page for GitBook.

2. Granting access to your repositories

On the GitHub integration's page, select which repositories you want to grant GitBook access to.

Confirm the installation by clicking the Install button.