How can I read or share a specific version of my book?

GitBook provides URLs to access the content of every successful update for a book directly:


What is a version?

On GitBook, a version can either be a branch, a tag or a version/commit sha of an update.

The version for an update can be found in the Report infos, at the bottom of an update details page.

What is my book access URL?

<book-access-url> is the access URL to the online version of your book. It can be found in your book's settings page, under the Domains tab.

When using a custom domain, it is the URL you provided. For instance, this FAQ access URL is Otherwise, it will always look like: https://<username><book-name>/content.

Accessing a specific version

When accessing the URL <book-access-url>/v/<book-version>, GitBook will try to find the <book-version> as, in order:

A branch name

If this FAQ had a branch named new-article, one could access it at the URL:

A tag name

Provided we tagged a version of this FAQ to 1.0.0, and no branch is called the same, one could access it at the URL:

A version/commit sha

Finally, one can access the very first published version of this FAQ at: